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Fresh from the resounding success of their pantomime, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Storrington Dramatic Society are now deep into rehearsal for their Spring production. Last Tangos in Storrington, directed by Caroline Woodley, will be performed at Sullington Parish Hall on 19th, 20th & 21st March 2015 at 7.45 pm.


Intrigued? You should be. What is a last tango anyway? One more erotic dance before the band goes home? If you’re of a certain age, Marlon Brando and butter may spring to mind - and there’s a TV series you may have been watching, about an elderly couple having a last fling before… Well, before what? The final curtain?

The Society venture into new territory as they take a hard look, first, at the motivations and foibles of, guess what, amateur dramatic societies; and in the second item on a richly comic double bill, ponder on the administrative side of death and take a swipe at the self-serving jobsworths we all suffer.

In the first half, an unnervingly familiar amateur dramatic society is on the edge of closure, faced with a string of problems - until the chairman comes up with a brilliant idea, encapsulated in his one-word eureka-moment cry: “Sex!”. Doubts soon give way to enthusiasm as the committee members lose their inhibitions and prepare to reveal onstage the shameful secrets and scandals of their fellow villagers. [Hang on a minute… er yes, that’s us, readers - Ed.] After a chaotic and hilarious rehearsal period, the locals are presented with an evening of extraordinary home-grown drama - an evening they will never forget. And along the way the players - the real amateur actors - send themselves up unmercifully.

The second part of the evening takes a witty if somewhat biased look at the extremes of modern bureaucracy. A hard-driving senior local government officer starts dancing her last tango by killing herself in a car crash. She then finds herself in a strange office where a filing clerk and his boss inform her that she needs to be ‘properly processed’ before she can proceed to the afterlife.

The concluding scene links the two themes together and rounds off an evening of satirical, saucy, fast-moving visual and verbal comedy. All for the price of £8.

Tel 01903741708

Box office opens 2nd March at Fowlers Estate Agents Storrington and Nisa West Chiltington. Tickets also available online here. Don’t miss it!